Trg&Eval Established In 2005
Heads Of Department Over the Years

Key Features of the Department

Continuing Professional Development 

    • Development of training content based on needs analysis, regularly reviewed and updated to meet the challenges of constantly changing pedagogies
    • CPD training imparted by qualified and validated trainers by University of London and British Council
    • Free of cost training offered to APSACS teachers and school leaders at multiple venues across the country for professional excellence
    • Online training courses, workshops and webinars for maximum outreach Subject specific and   Book-based training for engagement with the curriculum framework in greater depth


APSACS School Evaluation

  • A Three-Pronged Evaluation Process including:
  • Ongoing School Self Evaluation Framework for review and improvement planning
  • Regional Director’s Annual Formal and Informal Evaluation
  • APSACS Secretariat Biennial Evaluation
  • Upholding the highest professional standards and basing judgement and informed decisions on a broad range of evidence
  • Sharing schools’ strengths and areas for improvement and guiding schools for the next steps in development
  • Tracking improvement in students’ learning outcomes through monitoring visits and follow-up, online and on-campus
  • Diagnostic visits of newly established schools and extending needs-based support and guidance

APSACS School Awards APSACS confers School/Region wise awards based on School Evaluation in order to:

  • celebrate institutional achievements and recognise individual accomplishments of top scoring schools
  • provide motivation and incentives to schools to attain the desired educational standards through healthy competition

APSACS Mentorship Programme- Mentorship Programme is an APSACS endeavor to establish a lasting learning community of professional educators throughout APSACS Schools for:

  • improvement in teaching/learning of a Mentee School by bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • supporting Mentee Schools in setting pragmatic goals and overcoming challenges through constructive feedback
  • providing guidance for optimum resource utilization