IR Established In 2009
Heads Of Department Over the Years

Key Features of the Department

  • Quality of work is measured in alignment with APSACS Vision, Mission, National and International Standards of education, socio-cultural norms of regions, students’ age and level of schooling. The Review Mechanism is given below:

    • Conducting Critical review of all Documents, Concept Papers, Exam Papers Handbooks and Evaluation Reports.
    • Checking efficiency and effectiveness of all documents keeping in view do-ability i.e. workload, level appropriateness, target audience, time allocation, copyright issues, basics grammar, syntax & standardization.
    • Evaluating the documents keeping in view the predefined criteria, quality, authenticity, accuracy and completeness.
    • Recommending technically balanced, fair & unbiased judgment in alignment with the 21st century educational requirements and emerging trends.