A&E Established In 2005
Heads Of Department Over the Years

Assessment & Examination is vital part of education system as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. Assessment suggests decisions about grades, marks, promotion, detention and instructional needs for further improvement in teaching & learning journey/process.Continuous assessment provides day-to-day feedback about the learning and teaching process. It also reinforces the worth of teaching and learning and encourages the understanding of teaching as a formative process that evolves over the time with feedback and input from students.

Centralized Examination is designed to gauge students’ progress towards desired learning objectives and modifies  performance in order to meet these objectives/goals. A fair, valid and reliable examination provides a true picture of a student’s comprehension as well as deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills.Feedback is an important part of the Assessment & Examination process. Feedback is the teacher’s response to student work. It is valuable when received timely, understood and acted on by the students therefore it needs to be constructive and meaningful. In order to make assessment an effective tool for better learning, APSACS teachers are guided to provide Subject Based Feedback as well as Personality Development Remarks.There is stress on continuous ongoing assessments. Assessments and Examination Department is responsible for developing of the following:


Key Features of the Department

  • To study the latest advancements in Assessment & Testing Techniques at National & International Level
  • Incorporation of Online Assessment during and after the pandemic of Covid 19
  • To plan continuous assessments in the form of Check Points
  • To plan the Test Series for Board Classes (SSC & HSSC) and adjust them strategically in APSACS Academic Calendar
  • To prepare the level wise Date Sheets (each for Cold & Warm region)
  • To dispatch the centralized Term Examination CD to the regions on time
  • To design multiple achievement/appreciation certificates & formulate the SOP for giving these certificates to students
  • To maintain and analyse region wise record of the Post Term Exams Follow up Reports received from respective RDs (on prescribed format)
  • To assess the implementation of Assessment Policies & Procedures in the schools during evaluations
  • To conduct comparative analysis of top 30 positions with other reputed systems
  • To plan & conduct workshops/trainings related to Assessment & Examination as per requirement
  • To develop & upgrade the APSACS facilitation program PETS (Preparation for Entry Test Series) for the HSSC students accordingly
  • To develop and deliver Subject Based trainings
  • To promote creative writing skills through WRITE programme & e-WRITE competitions via digital and non-digital platforms.
  • To plan & embed Sports in Academic Calendar
  • To organize Hockey Camps in the regions to promote National Game
  • To facilitate the students through APSACS Scholarship Scheme in order to acknowledge their Academic Achievements