Computer Resource & Graphics

CR&G Established In 2006
Heads Of Department Over the Years

The Computer Resource & Graphics Department was established in March 2006 to address the increasing technological requirements of the System. This department operates in close collaboration with all other departments within the Secretariat. By fostering improved coordination, the department aims to deliver the necessary IT support to all Secretariat departments and the entire System. The department is also involved in graphics-related activities. This includes designing and producing visual materials such as presentations, reports, and other graphical elements to support the communication needs of the Secretariat.

Functions of the Department

  • Developing curriculum and exam papers of ComputerSc and Mathematics
  • Designing all APSACS academic and non-academic material
  • Develop, maintain and update APSACS website
  • Visits to schools for evaluations of teaching of Computer Science Subject and computer labs
  • Conduct Computer Training Workshops¬†
  • Procurement and management of Awards Programme¬†
  • Maintaining Facebook pages for APSACS and APSIS (downloading, screening, editing, uploading of photographs from all regions)
  • Provide data to all schools online through website to act as a medium of communication
  • Promote computer literacy and eSkills in school staff and students
  • Introduce ICT across the System
  • Research work for all other departments, provide materials for state of the art teaching and training methodologies
  • Compile, format and print all APSACS Publications
  • Coordinate and supervise Press and Publications.
  • APSACS Sectt event Photography and maintaining the record
  • Managing hardware requirements of all departments
  • Communication/coordination with all Regional Directors and Schools through emails
  • Develop and maintain Presentations
  • Coordinate with publishers for printing of APSACS academic and non-academic materials
  • The department ensures that all the material that goes for printing or publication is up to the standard and the results produced are as expected

The Graphics section of Computer Resource & Graphics Department handles: