ASK THE EXPERT - August 2018

Note: Dear parents, Thank you for sending in your queries. Some of the queries put up by you were not related to children's emotional and behavioural problems but about admissions and results. Please note that this page does not address such questions. Some of you have also sent incomplete queries, with one or two word sentences, such as ‘rude behaviour', ‘happiness' and ‘aggression', which are difficult to respond to, as there is no explanation or description given about how the problem has started, what you find difficult to manage as a parent etc. The more descriptive the problem is, the better we would be able to respond to it.

Thank you

1. My brother is 13 years old but he is very sensitive due to over protectiveness and we are doing just because of environmental hazards kindly guide us what we must do for his emotional and physical strength.

Gender: Female Age: 9 to 13 Category: Others

Response: Thank you for writing. The information you have provided is insufficient to guide you. Since you mentioned that you are being ‘overprotective' towards your brother, can you be more specific in terms of explaining the measures you are taking to ensure your brother's protection? What kind of behaviours do you notice in your brother because of these measures? It would also be essential to know what you mean by ‘environmental hazards'.

I greatly appreciate you for reaching out and seek guidance. A little clarity regarding your query, as mentioned above, would help give you a detailed response. In the meantime, I would also encourage you to look into some good quality resource already available online. Such material is developed to create understanding around issues related to children's protection, their bodily rights and guide parents/adults about communicating with children in an age-appropriate manner. The information in this link could be helpful for you . Let me know if it helps and/or you need more information.