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Facilitation to Students
Students Uniform
Greatest Contribution of APSACS Secretariat is uniformity in Subject and pace of teaching facilitates transfer cases of Students. No emotional or Financial Trauma is felt. Report cards and Assessments are carried forward to the next school. Since examination papers are centralized and schedules are uniform across the system, students moving before/during an exam can continue the examination at another station. Result based on overall aggregates is given to students who miss assessments/examinations due to unforeseen circumstances.

Short Term Migration is available to students who move for a limited time.

Parent-Teacher- Students (A Learning Triangle):

  • Parents are encouraged to have frequent interaction with teachers.
  • Procedures for Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) have been given in detail.
  • Orientation Day for Parents: A slide show is designed to provide necessary details to parents who are new to the system.



Facilitation to Students
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