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Department of Internal Review (IR)

In order to maintain the quality of the procedures and materials developed and dispatched from the Head office, a quality control department has been established within the Secretariat. All material that is sent out from the Secretariat is critically reviewed by this department. Following are the main objectives of Internal Review Department:

• To establish and maintain a set of Procedures which allow the Secretariat to respond in a systematic and transparent manner to the external requirements.
• Through consultation with all key stakeholders, to raise the profile of the APSACS Secretariat, with particular regard to their perceptions/ feedback.
• To complete rigorous internal monitoring reviews of APSACS School Programmes, to ensure the standards are met and a forward thinking approach is adopted by all the departments, ensuring that improvements occur in line with the changing demands of society.
• Quality of work is measured against the National and International Standards of education, socio-cultural norms of regions, students’ age and level of schooling.
• The quantity and pace of work given is rationalized against time frame of the sessions, students’ age appropriate comprehension ability, class strength, rural/urban location of schools and is justified keeping in view the expected teachers’ ability and proficiency at a said level.
• From time to time, the department also conceptualizes and develops handbooks and papers focusing on literary skills, with the aim of disseminating guidance and promoting reading culture.

Internal Review Team:

  • Shazia Naqvi (Head of Department)
  • Jawairia Hassan (Assistant Deputy Director)
  • Gulraiz Ahmed (Assistant Deputy Director)
  • Sofia Khanum (Co-ordinator)
  • Humera Abid Zaka (Co-ordinator)
  • Tahira Sabir (Subject Specialist)



Email: review@apsacssectt.edu.pk


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